About Windy

Hi, I am 32 and I live in the central Siberia, in Russia. I’ll make this blog in 3 languages that I speak: Russian, English and French. I’ll go slowly, though.

I’ve started this project, because 1) I need to tell about my life right now 2) I can tell you about my trips through North America, Europe and Asia 3) Your comments are important as well, I am also thinking to write a book on SOMETHING, that I must define through this.

What do people write about themselves? I am a woman, yes, I love children, people, beautiful women, speaking foreign languages and smiling. I was born in Novosibirsk and I love the place where I live. I’ll tell more about it later.

I went to a French University in Lille. Unfortunately, I didn’t go through Masters’ 2 years and I only got a Maîtrise degree. I have worked as an English teacher for past 8 years, and I never presented my diploma. I am thinking of studying writing in France some more, but I may not be able to go back. Never say never!